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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 13, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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calm and didn't bite anyone. news4's derek ward has our report. >> reporter: police say around the crime scene, it was such a festive event a adams morgan day but a disturbing incident occurred there sunday afternoon. the dog had been shot. >> i hea some dogs sgark some people screaming. i came out and my d.j., he was running inside. his hand was bleeding. and i saw one cop holding a pit bull. >> reporter: the dog was paris, a 2-year-old pit bull mix. with accounts they say the police responded with that dog d another dog possibly a poodle, began fighting. but the accounts vary. some say the dog was being subdued by i owner when a police officer intervened pushing the person aside. >> one dog came loose and bit a man and he fell to the ground. the officer then put his hand on the dog's throat to try to
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restrain the dog. the dog spun around. >> reporter: most accounts converge on what happens next. >> the officer picked up the dog and threw it over the banist. >> the pit bull was trying to attack him and him and another cop pulled the pit bull to the ground and shot the dog. i didn't see the shot but i heard it. there are whole thing shocked and disturbed many of those attending t celebration. some were troubled that there was gun fire at all amid the crowds. >> i could see it being necessary. >> reporter: an attorney for lucky dog animal rescue said the dog did get into a fight with another dog but it had never shown any aggssion toward people and it didn't bite anyone at the scene. news4. news4's vague melvin talked to the dog's owner today. he'll have a live report coming up at 5:00 tonight. an investigation into a possible suicide led to a bomb scare at a montgomery county apartment complex overnight.ñi
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the two-mile stretch -- police, rather, ended up detonating three pipe bombs that they removed from building a in gaithsburg. the bombs were found after someone reported a suicide in the building located in the 400 block of sunnybrook terrace. the complex was evacuated. it is not clear who made the bombs. the final section of a major road project, the fairfax county parkway, opened today. the two-mile stretch named trooper charles mark gives drivers direct access to the fairfax county parkway and 95. this will dramatically improve the commute with the 20,000 new workers moving to ft. belvoir under the bse realignment and closure plan. heads up for drivers who use the 14th street bridge. new traffic patternsow in effect the entire left shoulder of theridge is now closed for traffic, coming into the city.
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there is still one far left lane that will allow cmmuters to exit on to the memorial bridge before the work zone. four lanes turning right will also remain open. d-dot tells us this new parking marks the halfway point for completion of the bridge project. well, let's head to the roads and see how the rush hour is looking this afternoon. >> it's monday and that mean ck to work. how are we rolling? >> reporter: we are starting off with big delays this afternoon. it is a pretty nasty afternoon out there. especially for monday. let take a look at the roadways. capital beltway, goodness gracious. outer loop is inching along, leaving 270 heading do clear past the dulls toll road, into tyson satisfies what we're looking at. the inner loop of the beltway, let's follow it through bethesda. you can see it is jammed up as you make your approach toward old georgetown road toward connecticut avenue. a lile bit ofñi improvement but nothing too substaial. and then headed around toward university boulevard. finally you're in the clear
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there but it is short-lived. if you look to the top of the screen, one more pass of slow-moving traffic. along 95, no big trouble spots. that's our shining star this afternoon. at least r right now. leading the beltwayoward newington, then the new lane will pick up some speed. >> thanks, ash. washington football fans arr still celebrating a huge win against the dallas cowboys last night. >> it wasn'te'sy, it wasn't prebut they got the job done. the game had plenty of drama with you w two key plays determining the outcome of their 13-7 victory. the redskins should have led it 3-0 at halftime. but on the final play, the cowboys deshard choice. he picked up the ball and saw plenty of open field ahead of him. he did a flip into the end zone to give the skins a 10-0 lead. then the final play of the game. th redskins lead 13-7. but the cowboys have one final
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play for the win. tony romo threw a touchdown to roy williams. but there was a holding penalty caught on camera, called on the cowboys. time ran out and since the penalty was on the offense, the game was over. what a finish. >> i've had some big plays in my care. i don't think i've had that big play in a redskins uniform. it felt good. >> any time that you can score points against dallas, it's b. and i'happy to be a part of it. and i look forward to enjoying this win and getting ready for the houston texans. >> the record crowd at fed-ex. we have the national tv audience. does it get any better to start out? >> and as you might expect, the redskins fans are excited about theoutcome. >> even though it wasn't all th pretty, they are confident that teams off-season changes will continue to pay dividends throughout the rest of the season. >> i was glad that mcnabb made a
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wonderful debut. and shanahan. that we're going to win. for the season. >> oh, man, what a win, what a win. we finally got them. hail to the redskins. >> how do you feel about that last play? >> oh, man. i waslike, oh, no. that guy was holding that through the whole game. that was a great play. a great one. i'm just glad. whoo! >> mondays are so much easier to take when we're on the winning side. what a monday if you have it off. great weather out there. >> gorgeous today. meteorologist veronica johnson didn't play hooky. she is with us today. with the forecast. >> i come in on the good days, pat, so that i can get all the thanks from folks out there saying how much they like the weather. but of course, if you got up this morning, you know we had some very dense fogcross the area. here's what it looks like. we have other lots of sunshine across the area and some
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seasonae temperatur across the area. but the fog this morning, that really dipped down. and as it made its way off over the potomac, at some point, the visibility dropped down to a quarter mile. and lower. around sterling, clinton, around arlington. as a matter of fact, we've got here, taking a look at the visibility across the area from this morning, indeed. there were down as low as a quarter mile, even in haguetown. culpeper down to zero this morning. they're in the low to mid 80s across the are a seasonal day. we have high pressure across the area. there is a cold front off to the west around ohio and indiana. that front will be making its way eastward. so the big question is, will we get any rain out of it? i'll tell you more coming up. as far this evening goes, we'll see temperatures drop down to the mid 70s by the time we get to about 7:00 here. mid 70s down to 68 degrees by
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100 p.m. we could pick up a few clouds with that weather system. for us at least for the evening, it will be quiet and dry. we've got some sunshine coming our wayor election day. we'll talk abou our rain chances for the remainder of the workweek, as well as what's going on in the tropics. igor. more coming up. thanks. now to decision 2010, today is the final day of early voting in the d.c. primary. therimary takes place tomorrow. the latest polls show vincent gray leading mayor adrian fenty. tom sherwood will have morn the race cing up at 5:00. president obama is pushing hard today to hike taxes on the wealthiestamericans, and cut taxes for everyone he will. his plan is meeting with some opposition within his own party. and at least two of the lawmakers opposing him are from virginia. that's where president obama was. today he visited with a family and health a backyard talk with
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their neighbors. steve handelsman has the story. >> reporter: to try to save his plan to hike taxes on the well off but leave the tes alone for everyone else, president obama pleaded his case in a backyard in fairfax, virginia. >> if we have a tax system that is fair, and helps the middle class, and it also attends to our long term deficit problems -- >> reporter: but the president's polical problems sat a few feet away. >> congressman -- >> reporter: the local house lawmaker is a democrat. but connelly opposes tax hikes on anyone. virginia democratic senator jim webb and at least three more senateemocrats and independent democrat joe lierman oppose the obama plan. as the senate got back to work, that empowered republicans. >> that's why i'm introducing legislation today that ensures that no one in this country will pay higher income taxes next
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year thanhey are right now. >> reporter: would taxing the wellff help or hurt the recovery? >> the rich are a very large share of consumption. if they cut back their consumption, that's a drive on the economy overall. that's not what we need right now. >> you go back to the rates in place when bill clinton w president. which i just want to remind everybody, at that time we had 22 million jobs created. much faster income and wage growth. the economy was humming pretty good. >> reporter: ahead lies what the president today called a wrestling match with republicans. with no vote in congress, rates rise on everyone. it's a game of chicken but the president and most of his democrats still believe to tax the rich is a slogan and a plan that will help them in november. i'm steve handelsman, capitol hill. news4 at 4:00 is just getting started. up next, a weight loss pill on store shelves could soon be pild. also ahead with gas prices
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staying steady, why you may want to drive and fly if you have the option. the ticket shock next. an hour of new tv every single day that isgoing to be fresh, inspiring, and realy fun for people. >> wendy rieger sits down with nate to look at hisew show that debuted this afternoon. 3q
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the good ns for airline is that travel is going up. so are the price of the tickets. orbitz says we're paying 20% to 30% more this time than last year. it will get worse, too. >> reporter: it's gotten more xpensive to f this year. >> some of the fares like the florida even have gone up 50%. >> reporter: airlines have been operating fewer flights and filling them up. so passenger are paying the price. >> if they would lower the airfare, the planes would be full and everybody would be happier. they would make more money d more people would fly. >> reporter: some people are finding, even if you book your ticket well in advance, flights are stl pricier than last year. rick with fair said there is no incentive for the airline to discount when they know thatthe seats e going to
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fill up. and that's not sitting well with frequent flyers. >> it comes down to, do you really want to see your family for christmas and the answer is yes so you pay theprice. >> reporter: your ticket isn't the only place where you're paying more. most airline check for luggage. >> i think it is outrageous. >> repter: you can face a slew of other fees furcal want food, a blanket or pillows. it can all add up to close to $100 or more. >> i think it is ridiculous. we're all loaded up to go with our necessities, our plants, our food. >> reporter: that's a loof money this family of four doesn't have to spend. but others don't mind the extra fees. >> there again, the pillows are gone, dyou miss them? not really. >> those who want the service will pay for it. those who don't really want it will say no. >> reporter: some of the airfare travelers enjoy during the reselling are still around. you ju have to buy at the
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right time and be going to the right place. >> the website offers these tips for saving money on air fares. look for package deals, join an airline's frequent flyer program, fly on offpeak days like saturday or tuesday. buy tickets online because some airlines offer discounts, and consider joining groups like aaa that some airline offer discounts to. a locally based advertised website removed its personal section. the website said it has never had any problems with illegal activity in the section but it wants to be proactive in light of problems with other sites. you'll recall last week craigslist st down its selection after the attorneys general demanded they close it. they argued many people were selling sexual services and engaginin human trafficking. a new e-mail virus is making the rounds and it is coming from someone you know and trust. the subject line reads, here you
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have and promises free pornography. but clique on it unleashes a virus that first works to uninstall your soware virus. next it immediately spreads itself by sending the e-mail to all contacts in your address book it first surfaced last week at several large companies. >> yeah, unfortunately, if you fall for this and are infected, e-mail will go out with your name on it. so theeople you send that e-mail to will know that you fell for that social engineering trick. >>t's a reminder, even if the e-mail i from someone you know, if it looks suspicious, don't click on any attachment or link in it. federal health experts are considering pulling a popular diet drug off the market. the drug merry '88 has been on the market since 1997. but data released late last week suggests that patients taking meridia might have a slightly he will '58 risk of heart attack or
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stroke. european regulators pulled it off the market back in january n. wednesday, the fda will ask a panel of outside experts to weigh the risks and benefits of meridia. with the kids back in school and the season changing, we'll soon be rolling up our sleeves to get those flu shots and we'll soon be battling all the bugs and bacteria that kids pick up at school and as the weather cools off. in get healthy todaywe focus on how to stay healthy. dr. jacky, i understand you've had a few bugs in your own house this we. >> absolutely. >> let's first identify bugs, or the kutes call them. the big difference is microscopic. you can't really tell the difference straight off the bat. if you think about it, viruses, you've got to get by being up
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close and personal. somebody has to sneeze on you, cough on you, shake your hand. bacteria can survive on hard surfaces, your door knob, cell phone, for hours or days at a time. so how you get them is different and in the end they are treated differently. >> we know for ample colds and flu are caused by viruses. mrsa is caused by staph. what about those that can be viral or bacteria? >> right. they can be viral or bacteria. you have to show up to your doctor. let me give this advice. do not insist toour doctor that i can't leave here without a prescription for an antibiotic. that's how you end up making a resistance. >> that's what people. do i just need antibiotics. >> it makes more pblem than it's worth. >> okay. you offer some interesting rule of thumb. first you say for a sore throat, only get antibiics if you get a positive strep test. >> same reason. if you just keep get toing antibiotics every time and it a
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virus, and particularbly that sore throat. for all the people that think they're lerch toik penicillin, be very careful about that. you're insisting being on an antibiotic that is strongerhan you may need. about 300 million people in the country think they're allergic to penicillin and only about 10% of them reay. are there is an easy test. go do that so you're not put on such strong antibiotics that will makeresistant bugs. >> you say if you have a stuffy nose don't be so quick to take antibiotics. >> for the same reason. ferry time you get an antibiotic, you'll get a ristant bug. >> a lot of people think they have sinus infections and they don't. >> most tummy bugs are viral. not bacterial. >> you don't want to treat with antibiotics. treating a tummy bug that's viral with an antibiotic can give you a further g.i. infection that is difficu to treat. >> okay. are there vacs for both viruss and bacteria? >> there are but the thing for the viruses is th flu shot. if you're over the age o 60,
4:21 pm
you can get a bacteria shot. >> ifou do get six, what can help. >> water, water, every where. water up your nose. flush it through there as a science rinse. the second is take water and drink it. make re what you're drinking in rms ofluid is not caffeinated or has alcohol in it. yogurt is a very good one. it will help especially if you're on antibioticso you don't end up getng the tummy bug. and last is sleep. don't go to wovlg go to sleep. it is the only way you'll get repaired. don't go to work. >> thank you both. much more ahead. for the latest on the mosque controversy in new yorkcity. and the imam's latest offer. why investigators are asking for the public's help in trying to figure out what sparked a deadly explosion in a california neighborhood. ♪
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pnc. for the achiever in us all. after yesterday, what a difference, veronica. >> right. in fact most of this week we'll have some pretty nice weather. if you don't get outside today, you have all week long to try to squeeze a quick trip. minute a walk or a morning jog. outside, we do have a few clouds across the area. the temperature are in th 80s. at reagan national airport,
4:25 pm
we're at 83 degrees. we've got relative humidity at 44% and the we understand out of the south currently at 14 miles per hour. and i do think that with the weak weather system coming through, we could be looking at a breeze this time tomorrow. temperature in the upper 60s. 68 degrees. and then early tomorrow morning, 61 and 62. it will be a really nice start tomorrow once again under the clear skies. 83, the mperature here. atlanta, 86. 88 in cincinnati and 88 in st. louis. all week long, we will be enjoying temperature between about 80 and 85 degrees. and most of this week some pretty nice weather, too. we have a pretty weak fron coming through the area. sorry, folk no, rain with this one but we have a chance to get some rain at the end of the workweek with another front comingthrough. high pressure will bull in for us in fact, i think that front will help keep this monster of a storm system pretty much shoved out to sea. not too far though.
4:26 pm
because its track for igor, a monster storm with a very well defined eye. thunderstorms clearly aroundhe center of that storm. there is no dry air around it. then we've got an area of disturbed weather around cuba. it is bringing showers and thunderstorm. cayman islands, too. the track on category 4 igor. if this storm system develops any further, it cou be one of the rare few category 5 storms of the atlantic seas. you see it tracks to the west northwest. by the time we get to the end of the workweek, i think there could be a hurricane watch for bermuda. and we'll watch the strm system again. if it is any if you are on the south and wst track, it could get a little closer to the coast. here's a look at the forecast for our area. partly cloudy, quite a dve for the evening. tomorrow morning, we're comfortable. 53 to 61 degrees. that is nice. then 78 and 82. seasonable sunshine. ere are a few clouds.
4:27 pm
our next chance of rain that is late thursday. kind of overnight. going into friday with the high of just 78 degrees on friday. we'll take a look at the extended forecast. >> igor does not sound like a friendly name. >> thank you. still to come on news4 at 4:00, there are more questions than answered after an entire neighborhood catches fire followingn explosion. plus the test scos are in for the s.a.t.s. what
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or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy. they're not just trading in, they're trading up. qualified lessees can get low mileage lease on this 2011 malibu ls for around one ninety-nine a month. call for details. the switch chevy starts at welcome ck. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. here's what's happening right now. the own of the dog shot and killd by a d.c. police officer that he is filing aomplain against the department.
4:31 pm
police describe the dog as being aggressive when it bit two people. but the dog's owner disagrees. no charges have been filed. heads up commuters. the entire left shoulder is closed to northbound traffic. there is still one left lane to allow drivers to exit on to 14th street. d-dot tells us work on the bridge is now halfway to completion. president obama is pushing hard today to hike taxes on the wealthiest americans and cut tax for everybody else. but the president's plan is meeting with oppositionwithin his own party and at twleeft of the lawmaker opposing him are from virginia. congressman jerry connelly and senator jim webb. today president met with their constituents in the backyard of a home in fairfax. and hail to the redskins. what a game last night between the cowboys and skins. the cowboys got called for a holding penalty on the very last play of the game to erase a game-winning touchdown. the redskins win it 13-7.
4:32 pm
lindsay czarniak will be live at redskins park where they are still celebrating. that's at 5:00. there are a number of unanswered questions today about a deadly explosion and fire that destroyed a neighbor near san francisco last thursday. nbc's leeanne gregg has more. >> reporter: caught on a service station veil tape thursday night, video ruptured that set off an explosion and fire sending flame hundreds of feet into the air. >> i want my kids t go out of the house. i didn't think abo anything else, you know? it was so scary. >> reporter: the inferno destroyed close to 50 homes and kill at least four people. now four days later, instigators are still looking for clues as to what caused the rupture that led to the disaster. >> our first goal is to improve safety. if we see fwhaz which safety needs to be improved and needs to be addressed quickly, we will put out recommendations quickly. >> reporter: the pipe, ground zero for the explosion with more
4:33 pm
than 50 years old. the california public utilities commission has ordered pacific gas and electric. most of the people are back in their home after being allowed to return sunday. >> i'm anxiou when we left, i thought i'm leaving all of 36 years of memories in a house and i may never see them again. >> reporter: for some of thei neighbors, a fear that became a reality. >> reporter: a community stunned by destruction waits for answers. nbc news. >> some answers about the blast may come during congressional hearing expected this week. colorado's governor is declaring a state of emergency as firefighters try contain a new while firen the northern part of the state. the blaze was first seen yesterday morning. by the afternoon, hit almost doubled in size. authorities say at least two homes and several vehicles were destroyed. hundreds were forced to
4:34 pm
evacuate. firefighters say they hope to have the fire fullyontained sometime later today. president obama told leaders of historically black colleges and universities, they have the support of the white house. speaking today, he promised more help to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century workplace. he said he expects they will help himeach his goal of making the u.s. the world leader in college graduates by 2020. >> we can't get there unless all of you areontinuing to make the dream of a college education a reality for more students. we want to lp you do that in every way that we can. >> earlier this year, president obama announced the government will invest $850 million i the schools over the next ten years. montgomery county public school have set a record for s.a.t. scores. students in that district scored a composite score of 1653.
4:35 pm
that helped drive a five-point increase in maryland'scomposite score of 1502. the llege board says maryland's composite score would fall to 1474 without montgomery county public schools. virginia's composite s.a.t. is 1528 with increases in all three sections, reading, math and writing. and.c. students composite scores were up almost 2% at 1404. the national average for public schoolss 1497. possible scores range from 600 to 2,400. good for them! yeah. coming up, we're going to run down the big winners from last night. plus, a picture perfect afternoon. meteorologist veronica johnson will be back with
4:36 pm
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all eyes are on igor. >> it is a big storm. the atlantic only sees about one category 5 storm once every three years or so. this is a monster of a storm. to show you how big it is, take look at these images. they're from the international space statio courtesy of nasa. you're lking at igor. yeah. what it looks like from space. so it doesn't pose any threat to the u.s. but i is really too early to rule out what the system willo. chatting during the break with pat and jim here. and we're talking about the winds in the system at 150 miles per hour. it would have to increase another fi more miles per hour to get to cat 5 status. right now it is at category 4. t's take a look at thing on our infrared system. well to the east there of the leeward isles, you can see how massive it is. you can see how far away it is. it will be approaching bermuda
4:40 pm
toward the end of the workweek and saturday. we'vgot some clouds out there. there's a weak weather system that will come through the area. what that will do, it won't provide us with any rainfall. the best chance of rain is not until friday late. our temperature will go from the 80s where they are right now. 83 currently in the district. mclean now at 85 degrees. you folks in warrenton at 84. up north in albany, 85 degrees. with the city, too, at 84 degrees currently. we'll drop do to 70 degrs by 9:00 and then 68 by 11:00. we'll pick up a few clouds but i don't think we'll see any rain. on the other side of midnight we'll clear out. we'll start the day from5 to 61. so the kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning, pretty much where we are today. 55 and winchester. warrenton down to 56. the high temperature tomorrow at 82 degrees. i do think it could be a little breezy at time tomorrow but not throughouthe entire day. a little bit of a light wind out of the northwest. 82 is the high.
4:41 pm
you can see most of this week work the exception of friday, will enjoy ssonal temperature from 80 and 83. that rain on thursday is late. we could have some showers coming through on friday, too. if you're looking ahead to the week, saturday we're still in the 70s. sun, back in the mid 80s. so it looks like the week right now coming up will be dry. >> not bad. >> nice to get rain yesterday, wasn't it? >> it was very nice. except for my roses i just planted. >> they got a nice long drink. fan go gaga over what lady gaga wore to the vmas. plus we'llo behind the scene as nate be ♪
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last year's video music award was allbout kanye west and taylor sft. thisear it seem everyone went goo goo for gaga.
4:45 pm
>> if you weren't watching, mtv in stark contrast, this year's vmas were fairly tame. eminem kicked off the hit with his latest hit, i'm not afraid, which later won him best male and best video. the teen pop sensation justin bieber took home the best new award and lady gaga stole the show with a record 13 nominations and eight wins, including the coveted video of the year. in te gaga style and fashion, it was the get-up, not the award that is getting all the aention. lady gaga showed up to the awards in a victorian inspire gown. complete with a mohawk, feather head dress. >> i don't thk they wore shoes like that back then. she later change into a black dress that was so big she needed help getting on stage. the most controversial of them all has to be this one where she appeared on stage wearing raw
4:46 pm
beef. i don't think that is the shot. >> no, that is. she has it on her head, too. >> this ensemble came complete with raw meat shoes, a meat hat and a meat pur. >> lovely, huh? >> not quite to he have one's liking or taste. >> especially vegetarians out there? there is new addition to r nbc daytime programming. >> interior designer nate berkus now has his own show and wendy eger had a chance to go to new york behind the scenes and sit down with him. >> yeah. oprah's designer arrived on nbc 428 the start of the nate berkus show. it run every day at 2:00 eastern. i was in new york and watched a taping and i got a one-on-one with him. what he wants to do with his new career move. >> the signature is really living well. it is not just about design. it is not just daytime talk. it is an hour of new tv every single day that is going to be fresh, inspiring, and really fun
4:47 pm
for people. >> reporter: nate berkus is a design here wants to talk about more than upholstery and paint. he is looking to take people on a journey. >> i really want them to be nspired to live a little bit better. >> reporter: sounds like his mentor, oprah winfrey, who is producing this show. berkus wants to put his own mark on it. one of his first shows will take him to north carolina to visit with elizabeth edwards who now has her own home store them n't be talking about design. >> what is she doing to reclaim her life? we've all been through tragedy, betrayal, of some sort. what is tomorrow about for you? what is tomorrow mean? >> he said he spent mos of his tv career out in the feel for oprah and looks forward to orchestratg things from his studio. helping people in need from time to time. like one episode where he help family suffering from an enormous loss. he said it brought him to ears and he said he will go ey on
4:48 pm
the water works in the future. >> i don't want to put tears in every show. it is too overwhelming for me emotionally. >> reporter: the nate berkus show will have the occasional celebrity guest. dolly parton was a major part of the sw that we watched. berkus said he wants the shows to be organic and let moments happen unscripted. >> i studied siology in school. it is a great passion of main to understand what motivates people. how they, like elizabeth edwards, how they walk through the storm, if you will.ç$ &h(lc% so the show is an opportunity for me to high flight strength of everybody else. >> reporter: if you want to be in the audience, you don't have to go far. >> i think it is grt to have him here in new york city. i like everything about him. the way he does his decorating and his whole concept. the fact that he did oprah's old house. >> he is a very sleek and modern approach to thing. i like that. i appreciate the simplicity of
4:49 pm
it >> reporter: he sid having his own tv show is a great honor. >> the opportunity for me to be here every day, createn hour of television every single day, that takes people on a journey. that makes them smile and laugh. that makes them cry. that inspires people is a great resnsibility. it is a great responsibility that i hold very near and very dear. and i don't know how to do that without being personally invested. >> there was so much crying on the show i watched that they actual of tissue out in the commercial before it even started. i thought you're handing us boxes of tissue? oh, we'll be crying. butf you do get a chance, go watch the show i new york. it is a massive set that involves a cst of thousands. moving furniture during the commercials. it is quite a thing. quite an event just to watch it from thin scenes and then way. in front of your screen at 2:00
4:50 pm
weekdays here nbc 4. >> he is clearly planning to mix thing up. >> yeah. dolly parton performed a concert while we were. there i thought, a dolly parton concert. that's cool. the wasn't a lot of painting or decorating. a lot of everything else. >> thank you. coming up, how one company is capitalizing on the pope's popularity. plus, an imam. think about the internet. growing, evolving, literally
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pope benedict xvi will visió the united kingdom later this week and his followers are already snapping up souvenirs. a company call catholics with attitude is offering sweatshirts and thing with team benedict. there is i love new york style shirt that says, quote, i heabt papa bene. they won't say how many shirts
4:54 pm
they sole but they said sales have been extremy brisk in recent weeks. sounds like the pope has a fan club. just ahead, we have new information about the debate whether to build a mosque near the world trade cenr.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
the ctroversy continues over the proposed mosque near ground zero in manhattan but there is a sign of a possible come prom ahead.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: just days after the emotional anniversary of 9/11, an outraged protest at the site of the proposed mosque and communitycenter, the imam in charge of the project seemed to leave all doors open. >> we are woing through what will be a solution, god willing, that will resolve this crisis. >> reporter: iam would not say whether that would include moving e center. this week said changing the project could help extremists recruit terrorists and put americans at risk. the statements come as a new poll shows 70% of american voter say muslims have a ratex$$uz bu near ground zero but 63% think it is inappropriate. the controversy highlighting what seem to be a growing divide over religion in america. >> it is really tie 40-38 is the statistical tie. br whether or not they have a favorable view of islam.
4:58 pm
and even as they fight to find that, they claim it was a sacred site. >> absolutely disingenuous as many have that, that block is hallowed ground with the stiff joints around the corner. >> a statement many disagree with. as the debate over the mosque plan and perhaps much more rages on. and fallout continue to rea washington. 44% of respondents in that poll disapproved of how president obama is handling the situation. only 31% approved. nbc news, washington. that's news4 at :00. news4 at 5:00 starts rye now. a police officer shoots and kills a dog at a street festival
4:59 pm
in d.c. tonight the pet's owner is speaking out, telling a very different story about the moments that led up to that gun fire. good afternoon. i'm wndy rieger. and i'm jim handliful police describe the dog as beingñi aggressive when he bit two peoe in madams morgan this weekend. the owner said that's not true. craig is live with this controversial shooting. >> reporter: at this point, mpd is not saying a lot but the dog's owner is. he said his sharpei did not bite anyone. he said the officer shot his dog in cold blood. shocked, agasp, i ess. i sat on the step for 30 minutes. >> reporter: monday he returned to 18th street northwest at adam morgan to describe what happened to his 2-year-old dog. >> a dog came up behind him, started him a little bit. he turned around and bit the


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